Blackberry gets Google voice search

G1 and iPhone users no longer have the monopoly on Google voice search. Google just rolled out the capability for the Blackberry, letting Blackberry users skip the keyboard and perform Internet location-based searches just by speaking into their phone.

According to the Official Google Mobile Blog, users activate the voice search feature simply by pressing and holding the Blackberry's green talk button. And when used in conjunction with My Location, it significantly eases location-based searches. Google offers this example:

While vacationing in London, "you could have sworn your friend said to meet in 'Lester Square'. Unfortunately, 'Lester Square' is nowhere to be found on the Tube Map. A quick voice search on Google Mobile App (just press and hold the green button) for "Lester Square" reveals the true spelling. Leicester Square is actually only two stops away on the Picadilly Line. Problem solved!"

While typing on a Blackberry is easier than, say, an iPhone, the new feature is bound to save users some time and aggravation. Google says Google Mobile Apps is free and works with any Blackberry running OS 4.1 and higher, although the voice search tool requires at least OS 4.2. One key downside? Blackberry Storm--Blackberry's touchscreen model that could really use a voice search feature--is not currently supported.

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