Lookout Death Row Records, here comes a new hit, the Cisco NetFlow Rap song

Lyrics of the Cisco NetFlow Rap song.

Mix Master Mitch Wilson - a sales engineer for network performance measuring vendor Plixer International, has written and performed a hilariously funny hip-hop rap masterpiece, the Cisco NetFlow Rap, that you can now enjoy by watching the video below:

Lyrics of the Cisco NetFlow Rap song:

Workin’ in IT’s a breeze Got my chair back, feet up, crossing my knees (cuz I’m feelin’ it) Got the collector running data, it’s reelin’ it Writing data to mySQL, there’s no sense concealing it Because I got it Scrutinized A Big Mac, super sized Just spent 9 grand, now all my NetFlow’s analyzed Finally realized I needed a tool Called up the Plixer and they took me to school Engineer’s on site, and if that wasn’t enough Even set me up to integrate their stuff with WhatsUp Tables charts and graphs galore Signed up for the webinar and learned that there was even more Now I can run a report And find out which cohorts are busy building heavy forts on my ports Check my Top Conversations every single minute Now when there’s a network battle, instantly I win it There’s not another tool on the market to top this I got a group and a flash map for every office Now when I’m off eating crawfish An alarm is set off, and I will know, so I can instantly stop this So go to triple dub dot plixer.com And download it off the web - don’t need a CD-ROM So get a demo let them show you the tool Cuz nobody thinks its cool to be the "I don’t know fool" Go go to Plixer and they won’t steer you wrong Then you too could sit back and listen to this song But if you don’t go, I won’t be held responsible When you get busted by the network constable So just download and play today They even have a free version if you don’t want to pay Case in point, get your network fixed And I know just the guy to do it, it’s the plkixey plix You need this, in any given network today Don’t know how you’ve been livin’ with no NBA If every day you fall victim to performance paralysis I don’t know why you think you don’t need behavior analysis So if you’re waitin’, procrastinatin’, hesitatin’, and tool debatin’ You can escape from the fake statement you’re statin’ and makin’ It’s frustrating, making mistakes, because you’re pacin’ and waitin’ For the boss to stop flaking, wake up and stop the budget breaking So many vowel sounds that now my head is aching May fall off because it’s loose, just like the feet of Kevin Bacon But back to the track and the point that I was makin’ Hold up, there’s a phone call that I’m about to be takin’ (hello) There’s a radio station, somebody listens to it But there’s an issue because there’s not enough legit bandwidth We can resolve this real quick, just ran a report and found out that it’s Chris Went to his cubicle and said Chris what’s this The T1 is lit, the boss is pissed and pitching a fit What’s that? How did we find out about it? With the Plixer Flow Analytics I spit this, just like a baby spits spinach Flow Analytics will finish your decision, due to the features within it Competition watching - chances of winnin’ business diminish Like they were presidential running mates of Dennis Kucinich.

Those requesting personal autographs or looking to book his hip-hop rap act, can contact Mix Master Mitch Wilson directly (email mitch@plixer.com, telephone: 207-324-8805 x227). Believe it or not, Mitch is the only guy in the video, his wife helped slick back his hair for the geek part. Mix Master Mitch Wilson was an acting major at the University of Connecticut where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. However, after 2 years he realized that a career in technology was more realistic. So he spent a few years learning compliance technology with Ecora Software before settling in at Plixer international as a Sales Engineer. Mitch helps Plixer customers with pre-sales support as well as the sales process, and as it turns out, he obviously has a hidden passion and talent for hip-hop rap. If you've ever dialed the sales line at Plixer, then you probably have already spoken to Mitch directly. Don't be shy, let Mitch know if you think he's the next hip-hop rap sensation!

What to you think, is the new Cisco NetFlow Rap song by Mix Master Mitch a new hip-hop rap sensation? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished Contact: Brad Reese Twitter: http://twitter.com/BradReese Call Toll Free 866-864-0506 or International 850-364-4115 Where's Cisco CEO John Chambers today? - Updated Daily

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