MailArchiva: Open Source Email Archiving for Exchange

I thought I would finish the week talking about more email tools. I found a cool open source solution for email archiving call MailArchiva. MailArchiva is a great solution to help you to deal with email archiving in your organization as well as helping you to make sure you are in compliance if this is important to your organization. What I think is cool about the open source aspect of this product is that small companies that need or perhaps just want to archive email have a full featured solution that is affordable. And MailArchiva is a full featured product for sure. It offers archiving of inbound, outbound, and internal emails, compression, encryption search and retrieval, auditing, email recovery and more. The open source version supports Exchange 2000 and 2003; support is available for Exchange 2007 if you purchase the Enterprise edition. Mail Archiva is a cross-platform solution and supports multiple mail systems besides Exchange. So if your email solution is Zimbra running on Linux or Postfix running on MacOS X you are covered. You can download the OSS edition from SourceForge. You can get a 30-day trial of the Enterprise edition directly from MailArchiva. If you want to see MailArchiva in action you can go to their Live Demo page and check out the Admin console demo or the training video. The demo was very cool and gave me a great overview of how simple everyday archive management would be using MailArchiva, which I appreciated. Check out the demos and if you are looking for an easy to use, intuitive email archiving solution MailArchiva is a tool worth giving a serious look.

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