The Bus cometh..

I can just hear you now. “Why should I enter? I never win anything.

Well, this could be your chance to change your luck. If you’ve been thinking it’d be nice to win a FREE TRIP TO TECHED, let me say that again, A…FREE…TRIP…TO…TECHED, now is the time.

It is Sunday - March 29th - you have but a few days left to enter.  It is the end of the weekend (or the beginning of Spring Break for some) and I have one thing I would like to ask of you -a homework assignment for you. Enter Get on the Bus! There are but three simple steps to complete for your chance to win. 

To enter, you’ve got to:

1. Play Are You Certifiable?

2. Post a note telling us why you should win (you can get a free blog from MSN if you don’t currently have a URL to post it to). Also, if you have a video camera, record and post a video to make sure we see your sparkling personality. Geeky personalities are encouraged to enter as we’re all geeks, too.

3. Complete the entry formEasy-peasy - right?. You might want to add a fourth step though – pack your bags because you might win! Think about it.

  • How many people in your town want to go to TechEd?
  • Now subtract the people who are already scheduled to go.
  • Now subtract the people who get motion sickness on busses.
  • Now subtract the people who can’t come because Great Aunt Gwen’s birthday party is during the trip and she’ll only turn 95 once.

You know who’s left? YOU! Well, you and that geek you know from the Windows Server user group, but you’ll cream him in the head-to-head competition.Don’t miss the bus! You have to enter by 9:00 am Pacific time on April 6th!

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