Cisco supports Open Cloud Manifesto, while the Rolling Stones remain holdouts

Cisco is supporting the Open Cloud Manifesto (whose ultimate goal is to make the cloud as open and valuable as possible), however, the Rolling Stones remain holdouts, still insisting that everyone get off their cloud. View the 6 page manifesto: Page 1. Introduction Page 2. What is Cloud Computing and Why is it Important? Page 3. Challenges and Barriers to Adoption Page 4. The Goals of an Open Cloud Page 5. Principles of an Open Cloud Page 6. Conclusion Interestingly, my attention was caught by the second principle of an open cloud:

2. Cloud providers must not use their market position to lock customers into their particular platforms and limit their choice of providers.

The reason I find the above "principle" so "interesting," is that just a mere 2 weeks ago, during the launch of its new Unified Computing System, Cisco stated to Network World:

"We're selling this as a system," said Rob Lloyd - senior vice president of Cisco Worldwide Operations. "It will be shipped and configured as a system. "The innovations are all tied together. This is not a new blade server; it is a new architecture." Adds Cisco marketing vice-president David Lawler, "Other vendors' solutions will not work because (UCS is) a single unified system. "And we're not developing blades for other [vendors'] platforms."

The Rolling Stones remain holdouts who are still insisting that everyone get off their cloud.

What's your take, are the Rolling Stones the only ones telling it, like it really is? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished - Services that protect, maintain and optimize Cisco hardware Contact: Brad Reese Twitter: Call Toll Free 866-864-0506 or International 850-364-4115 New - Updated Daily: Where's Cisco CEO John Chambers today?

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