IT still proves to be a hot job market.

This week I am teaching a class in the Ascolta Bellevue office. Some of them have asked me what areas of expertise are hot right now. While I can personally say that Wireless and Security has done well for me there are some other areas that you might me interested in. I was reading a post by Carolyn Duffy Marsan that talks about the Top 10 Technology Skills, and found some of it to be interesting, while some of it was a bit dissapointing to me. Let me explain. In the article David Foote, CEO of Foote Partners stated that IT was still the hot market. I totally believe that. But I have a good friend that was a recruiter for Microsoft, working for Volt, that was laid off because they arent hiring like they used to. While I havent heard of a lot of people getting hired into new IT positions I know of many that have been forced to take on new roles, some coming with a little more money. According to the list the Top Ten tech skills that are still in demand are:

  • Business Process Modeling
  • Database
  • Messaging/Communications
  • IT architecture
  • IT security
  • Project management
  • Data mining
  • Web development
  • IT optimization
  • Networking

I have my opinion on a few of these. First off, I was not surprised to see Messaging/Communications listed here. With the emphasis on Webex, Telepresence and Communications Manager I know Cisco has totally seen that coming and is working that market aggressively. In the area of IT acchitecture there were a number of certifications listed, EMC Proven Professional Technology Architect, Security Certified Network Architects, Microsoft Certified Architects, SNIA Certified Architects, and the Open Group's IT Certified Architect, but nothing for Cisco. I wonder if the new CCDE fits into this area and if so, I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be in demand. Still the certification is so new maybe companies arent even aware of it. In the Area of IT security I was dissapointed to see that the CCNA Security, CCSP, and CCIE were not even mentioned. While I havent seen a great deal of growth in the CCSP arena the CCIE Security is certainly buzzing with new candidates and employers are posting requests for the digits! When it comes to data mining I think that there is a ton of data out there but people don’t know how to use it. If you have a hand in making that data useful companies are going to put a high pricetag on that. Finally, the Networking category seems to be where Cisco was lumped in. Perhaps they didn’t realize that Cisco is more than a networking company and that they actually have a firm hand in a number of these categories. And I didn’t really see anything for Wirelress and Mobility yet there a a great deal of growth in these areas. Companies like T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless and AT&T are growing. Even the enterprise is expanding its mobility architecture. Anhow, I would so that I am overall not surprised. IT can certainly be the glue that holds a company together. I guess I’m in the right spot. Are you?

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