Cisco chimes in on overlooked switch features

What are the top 5 switch or router features you might not know about or never use? Is it true that you use less than half of the features available on your platforms?

If you knew more about the full capabilities of your switches and routers, would you be saving money -- both operating and capital expense?

Vendors like Cisco have provided an unscientific sampling of some of the commonly overlooked features in switches and routers -- features that, if known about and enabled, might save you from buying new equipment and software, or unnecessarily deploying personnel in the field to fix a problem. 

Some of them include 802.1x for wired network access control; NetFlow and sFlow, for traffic monitoring; and, of course, IPv6, which is a must in government and public sector deployments but passed over in the private sector. Most of these are included free of charge -- depending on your vendor, of course -- in your switch or router software license.

So, especially in these recessionary times, check out the capabilities already embedded in your switches and routers before buying something you think you might need. You and your company beancounter might be pleasantly surprised at what you find...

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