I'm stuck in an effin' elevator!

This is what I get for coming in early. Been yelling five minutes and nobody's around. Between floors, I think. Not sure which. Alarm's uselss. ... Taking a breath and thought why not try Wi-Fi ... wouldn't you know.

Hey, someone heard m

(Update: Was a guy named -- Dmitri? -- speaks so-so English but think he said he'd go find building managre. I tried prying door w/ fingers; dumb. Ceiling panel? Yeah, right ... Damn! How could I have forgotten to tweet? Dude who took the Hudson plane pic would have a photo up already.)

(Update 2: Tweeted, like that'll help ... Dmitri's back and said he couldn't find managr but did find someone who thought he could ... swell. These vators have been getting stuck all the time sicne we moved into this building last year, first for me. ... Didn't eat breakfst, btw.)

(Update 3: Woman heard me, too. She wants to call fire dept. Told her noooooo, too embarrassing, not needed; I'm sure Dmitri's gonna come through.)

(Update 4: Can smell muffins from cafe. Memo self: "Eat breakfast every day" ... from now on as importnt as "wear clean undies")

(Update 5: That sure woke up my Twitter friends. Tried calling wife so she could laugh, too, but cell won't work even tho wi-fi does. Go figure.)

(Update 6: Dmitri back, says he hadn't heard from the guy who said he might be able to find the building manager. Geesh.)

(Update 7: More people arriving. Just heard from co-worker, Pat, who seemed concerned at first but then giggled way too much. ... Certificate says last inspection was Feb, 07. Fail.)

(Update 8: Anyone have Les Stroud's email or twit addrss? I'm not seeing wild edibles here.)

(Update 9: Great news! Building mangr arrived. ... Not so great: Says he's new and doesn't know squat bout elevators. Calling someone. ... Co-workers arriving/laughint regularly now. ... Someone on Twitter asked who's Les Stroud? Survivorman, duh.)

(Update 10: Need to pee. ... Twitter tweeple need to stop laughing about this)

(Update 11: Someone's got a crow bar ... gotta st

(Update 12: Free at last! Free at last! thank God Almighty ... uh, MLK wasn't talking about elevaqtors, was he.)

(Update 13: Oh, crap. work "friend" thought it funny to call local paper, where I used to work. Smart-alek rporter: "So how's it feel to be in there listenng to your co-workers outside laughing their asses off?" ... Told him he who laughs last gets to say ... "look at the calendar.")

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