Exam Item Technology Updated

Microsoft has  just released an enhancement to their exams that they hope you never need to notice!

The new exam item “plug-ins” are used by Prometric test centers worldwide to support the onscreen appearance and functionality of Microsoft's traditional item types during certification exams – these plug-ins are called each time an item is displayed to a test taker --- over 50 million times a year.

Starting this week, Prometric is pushing the new plug-ins to test centers worldwide – 1,057 test centers have downloaded the updates so far.

What it means to you:

Greater reliability rendering from the test engines, meaning fewer interruptions as you take your tests.  The system can recover from most problems, but this often means restarting the exam or changing seats – not a welcome distraction when trying to concentrate (as some have pointed out to Microsoft Learning).

There are a few other transparent features as well (IE8 support, better dual-processor support, better efficiency, etc.), but the big thing is that the risk of an interruption in your exam—already pretty low—should be a lot lower.

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