Imprezzeo makes image search easier

I use stock photography sites quite a bit when looking for materials to supplement our video production efforts. One of the great frustrations though is the search engines on these sites are limited by how images are tagged with metadata. The perfect image I need might not be tagged with the phrase I am searching on, meaning a lost opportunity for the photography site and frustration for me. Enter Imprezzeo:

As you can see from my interview with CEO Dermot Corrigan, Imprezzeo could be a boon to the image search industry. Being able to find an image you sort of like, check it off and click "Find Similar" makes searching much easier than hoping to hit the right keyword. And, the technology behind Imprezzeo can someday be applied to video as well (after all, video is just 30 images per second moving across a screen). For those of us who work in visual mediums, technology like Imprezzeo's can't be rolled out soon enough.

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