Adding Some Zoom to Office PowerPoint 2007

Have you ever wanted to add some zoom to your PowerPoint presentations? Well, now you can with the pptPlex add-in provided by Microsoft Office Labs. With the help of Plex technology, you can create sections in a presentation and then zoom in and out of individual slides and slide sections within a slide show. The pptPlex add-in is especially useful for zooming into hard to read areas in a slide, such as a table or chart. After you download and install the add-in, the pptPlex tab is added to the Ribbon in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007. Within any presentation, you can click buttons on the pptPlex tab in the Start ppPlex section to start a slide show. The From Overview button displays all the slides in your presentation similar to Slide Sorter view. This is a great way to give your audience an overview of your presentation. You can even break your presentation up into sections. [img][/img] Now, here is where the power comes in. You can double-click a slide to zoom in and right-click to zoom out. The right and left arrows allow you to move from slide to slide. Some of the normal functionality in Slide Show view, such as right-click to display a context menu or the Slide Show toolbar is not found in pptPlex. If you want to use this functionality, you can start a slide show using the Slide Show view button or Slide Show tab. If you have a long presentation, you can break it up into sections. Click the Insert New Section button to insert a new slide, where you can insert text into placeholders. [img][/img] The background of the pptPlex slide show appears white by default as shown in the first illustration. If you want to change it, you can click the Canvas Background button, and then select a predefined or custom background. Like the section slides, you can insert text into placeholder. If you want your content larger or in a different place, you can resize or move the object placeholders to display your content the way you want. [img][/img] If you want to view this presentation, click the following link to download the files: Microsoft Office Labs provides the pptPlex add-in as a prototype to test out the concept in the real world. After you try it out, please let them know what you think. Microsoft Office Labs also provides add-ins, such as Canvas for OneNote, Chart Advisor, Email Prioritizer, Search Commands (already blogged), and Community Clips, which you may see explored in future blog entries.

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