Agito Unleashes New Mobile Convergence Products

The phrase "mobile convergence" has been gaining steam in both the Enterprise and SMB spaces lately, as users and organizations alike demand the flexibility of converged communications on their mobile devices. Agito Networks announced revolutionary changes to it's RoamAnywhere Mobility Router platform, which ties together WiFi, cellular, and IP telephony with location information to provide a seamless mobile environment. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Pejman Roshan, Chief Marketing Officer of Agito Networks about the new functionality introduced in the RoamAnywhere Mobility Router v3.0.

The new RoamAnywhere also adds significant cost savings functionalities, and continues to add to its industry lead in handset support with the addition of new CDMA devices, distinguishing Agito as the only eFMC vendor supporting GSM and CDMA devices. Agito now supports more than 40 mobile handsets globally. Agito's strength is not only centered around its implementation of transparent mobility to a traditionally-fixed-location convergence market, but their ability to interoperate with a diverse assortment of WLAN, PBX, and mobile handset environments. For example, the RoamAnywhere platform can interoperate with Avaya, Nortel, ShoreTel, Microsoft, Cisco, Asterisk, and Alcatel Lucent PBX environments. Some of the features that are available to the mobile user through the RoamAnywhere platform include extension dialing, call transfer, multi-network abstraction, presence and enterprise IM.
RoamAnywhere Presence leverages RoamAnywhere’s location-aware architecture to automatically indicate the location of mobile users, giving the caller intelligence into a user’s presence before attempting a call or using an alternative medium, such as email/text, if the person is unavailable. Earlier mobile UC solutions apply limited and static presence information to mobile devices. In addition, these early solutions do not integrate into enterprise UC systems and lack support for PC users. RoamAnywhere Presence enables users to select the best method of communication by enabling visibility into mobile context, including status and location, to mobile and deskbound users. For more information about the Agito Networks RoamAnywhere platform, visit their website.
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