Steel Run As: Admin privileges for your applications... without the Admin!!

When I was working for the accounting firm in NYC, one of my biggest frustrations were applications that insisted on users having the local admin rights to run. Windows Vista looked like it would solve the problem with its UAC model. For some software having UAC worked for others, it did not make a difference. A product that I just learned about may have the solution to those nightmarish programs that insist on Admin privileges. It is an easy to use, easy to configure solution called Steel Run As… Steel Run As is a freeware utility that allows you to assign administrator permissions (or put the system in administrator mode) so that certain applications or commands can execute without having to make the user a local administrator. Steel Run As creates a single executable on the target machine and assigns a CRC ID this means that there is no need to install Steel Run As on the target machine. It also means that there is a built in integrity checker for the executable. This is a great way to create executables that can run in privileged mode without worrying about the end user having to much power over the local machine. Steel Run As is one of those seemingly small tools that make a big difference. Check out Steel Run As and other tools at

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