Google makes App Engine more enterprise-friendly

Google's added some key new features to App Engine designed to make its cloud computing platform a bit more palatable to typical enterprises. In addition to new support for Java, Google also rolled out database import/export tools and a way to let Google Apps interact with firewalled, on premises data.

Together, the changes should make it easier for enteprise developers to integrate traditional enterprise apps and newer cloud computing-based applications--as well as let users move seamlessly between the two. For example, Google offered the new Secure Data Connector, a downloadable agent that lets IT administrators connect Google Apps spreadsheets, gadgets in Google Sites, and App Engine applications to database resources behind the firewall. As an example of how it works, Oracle showed off an Oracle CRM gadget that uses the new SDC to let Oracle customers interact with sales and customer information from within Google Apps.

Google also added new database import/export tools that make it easier for users to move large amounts of data (in the gigabytes) into and out of App Engine. And it also unveiled early Java support, letting Java developers build apps using their familiar APIs and then simply move them to new application servers as necessary. As an example, Google highlighted an IBM demo, where it moved an app to IBM Websphere "with just a few coding changes."

To learn more, check out the Official Google Enterprise Blog.

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