Fixing OCS R2 Response Group Workflows

Here's the funny part, if you're running on Server 2008, Response Group Workflows are broken out of the box. Either no one is using RG's or everyone's running them on Server 2003 x64 because I couldn't find a single reference to this anywhere on the web. I hacked around for days to figure out why and finally came up with a 2 pronged solution.

If you're running OCS 2007 R2 on Server 2008 you're used to a few weird IIS 7 quirks. This one, however goes a bit beyond that. Before implementing either of these fixes if you go to the RGS deployment page, https://<serverFQDN>/rgs/deploy/default.aspx you'll see just the headers in the workflow table and nothing underneath. You should see 4 options for creating new workflows but nope... not there. First, you'll need to make sure the servername, https://serverFQDN is added to your trusted sites list. This should already be the case but check just to make sure. Now it's time to figure out what's wrong.

First, and this is strange, you need to open the IIS Admin tool. Open up the deploy virtual directory and choose authentication in the middle pane. Choose Advanced Settings from the action pane. From here, check the Enable Kernel Mode Authentication box. This is just the first half of the equation. You'll also need to open a command prompt and run the setSPN.exe tool. SetSPN -L <servername> should list out whatever is currently set. Then you'll want to run "SetSPN -A http/<servername> <servername>". Run SetSPN -L <servername) again to make sure it's there. Now you're done with the first step.

The second part is a little less obscure. Open AD users and computers, dsa.msc,  on your front end server. Find the RTCUniversalServerAdmins group. You'll need to explicitly add whatever administrative account(s) you plan to use for managing Response Groups.

Finally, there are known issues with opening the RGS webpage from the front end server. So, use your desktop or another server to access the workflow management page, https://<serverFQDN>/rgs/deploy/default.aspx. Again, make sure it's in the trusted sites in IE. Now you should see the full menu of workflow options.

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