Monitor devices, go green and save money …all in the palm of your hand!

Monitoring your server room (and all the devices within) is a necessary function in any IT shop. What if you could monitor up to 100 devices with a single appliance that is energy efficient, loaded with features, easy to manage and…fits in the palm of your hand. I am talking about the ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance. This tiny device comes preloaded with the browser -based software to manage all your network devices. It includes a dashboard viewer, 2 way SMS (to send text alerts and request status updates) and it is plug and play. One of the best features that it includes is a built in modem that will allow you to be alerted even if the entire network is down. I was amazed at the monitoring capability of the device as well. The appliance can perform 60 different types of network checks including:

  • Network – TCP, PING, TRACERT, DNS
  • Internet – URL (image, exists), HTTP (status, header), FTP, NNTP
  • Database – ORACLE, MYSQL, ODBC
  • Mail – SMTP, POP
  • Windows /Linux/Unix – PROCESS, MEMORY,LINUX MEMORY, etc.
  • Other – Media related, VoIP, applications, SNMP, traffic, hardware, file, environmental, physical, and custom.

ServersCheck monitoring appliance can generate reports and graphs which is great for tracking issues and for presenting your findings to management. The box uses less than 15W to operate which means it saves a considerable amount of money and energy. The ServersCheck Monitoring Appliance is a small device with big power and all at an affordable price, which includes the appliance, support and upgrades, preloaded monitoring software and a 2-year warranty.

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