Is Nvidia Starting a New Trend Away From Extravagant Exec Compensation?

Nvidia reported they are nix'ing individual and executive bonus plans to conserve costs and cash. Clearly the economy is stifling purchases of high end video cards but the days of Nividia's dominance in powerful 3D cards carrying the day are also long gone. Intel continues to up it's own video capabilities and the move to netbooks means lower power graphics on the low end are just as important as high end GPUs.

I have to say, I've long been a fan of Nvidia's technology, using their cards in graphics and gaming computers. Their advancements in powerful GPUs and SLI technology revolutionized gaming computers, increasing realism and immersion into MMO's and other virtual environments. I admire and appreciate what they've done to change graphics computing and gaming for all of us. Apple's also come to appreciate Nvidia, putting their GPUs in Apple's own laptops.

But one company's success means others will enter, including existing powerhouses like Intel. I recall feeling confident when ATI was purchased by AMD that the obvious to happen would be for Intel to buy Nvidia. But it was quickly apparent that Intel was in a build not buy mode and Nvidia would remain on its own. But the slowed economy has hit more then just Nvidia execs. Intel's own Larrabee GPU looks to delayed a bit, at least until 2010 before we see Larrabee in any significant qualities.

Today I still use Nvidia cards in the computers I build for my business and personal use, and look for Nvidia GPUs in the laptops I use. Maybe Nvidia's move to limit extravagant executive compensation is something we'll see across other companies seeking ways to maintain competitiveness besides just slashing employees from the corporate payroll.

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