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(Quick blog tonight. Family in town, going golfing tomorrow if the weather holds up) Getting good content to read would seem to not be a problem in the age of Google and targeted marketing programs. However, instead of having to search for proper reading material, having a single repository of a huge amount of whitepapers would be a simple, valuable resource. Enter Webtorials.

Webtorials in a free clearinghouse for whitepapers, presentations, and webcasts from all over the IT industry. Content come from vendors, researchers, and news organizations. These organizations use Webtorials to advertise their content. Here are just some of the organizations that contribute to Webtorials:

  • Cisco
  • AT&T
  • NetQoS
  • Packet Design
  • Fluke

The site is organized by company/organization, category, subject area, or author which provides a plethora of content. Plus, Webtorials will send period e-mails with new content and a monthly digest of all content. I find it a valuable resource to get whitepapers that I would not normally know about or would have to haphazardly search for with Google. Webtorials is free. You should sign up.

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