Cisco phone inadvertently featured onboard Air Force One

Cisco has never been shy about promoting its highly polished image, so it was quite refreshing to see The New York Times inadvertently promote Cisco's image by publishing two photos of a Cisco phone onboard Air Force One, according to the Times: "The White House always travels with the president. When President Obama flew to Columbus, Ohio, on Friday morning -- a visit typical of the trips he has taken during the opening weeks of his administration -- the essential pieces of the West Wing follow." The Times caption on the photo above:

"White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Mr. Axelrod in the conference room on Air Force One. Mr. Gibbs scanned the morning papers and later met with the traveling press corps."

Times caption on the photo below:

"Connecting with the rest of the administration. Editors' note: The numbers on the telephone were obscured to conform with White House security regulations."

Interestingly, a report had this to say about Air Force One:

On board Air Force One following the terrorist attacks on 11 September 2001, President Bush was unable to hold a videoconference in flight, adequately monitor news coverage, or receive necessary data from key people on the ground. The President couldn't even watch CNN. Once Bush arrived at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, StratCom's more advanced equipment put the President in better communication. After September 11, money was immediately allocated to upgrade four Presidential planes at a total cost of less than $50 million.

No doubt Cisco has got President Obama and Air Force One up-to-date on its communications technology!

What's your opinion, do you think that the Times inadvertently promoted Cisco's phone? Or do you believe Cisco is getting slicker at product placement? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished - Services that protect, maintain and optimize Cisco hardware Contact: Brad Reese Twitter:

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