Internet Monitoring and filtering doesn’t have to bleed your budget

I remember when we moved my firm from a small SMB firewall solution, I won’t mention names but the device was meant for no more than 50 concurrent users and had a maximum throughput of 10Mbits sustained. This was a problem considering I was supporting three offices and had a fiber optic connection that had 100Mbit of throughput. We moved to an enterprise level firewall from the same manufacturer and I was excited to get the entire throughput and advanced firewall options I needed, except one. It seems that Internet filtering and reporting were two separate tools that needed to be purchased on a per user basis. With 115 users(at the time), the firm was not willing to incur that kind of expense for active monitoring. So I had the reporting tool and I needed to manually block sites and protocols as I found them. It may seem like I am acting like a prima-donna but with only two people managing security and all the other responsibilities in an active network manual filtering was a chore… But there is a solution for filtering internet traffic one that is both affordable and works without being installed on your firewall device. I product I wish I knew about earlier. The product is called WFilter. WFilter can be installed on a desktop and can be used to monitor and filter internet traffic. Use WFilter to monitor and archive web browsing, chats, email, downloads (FTP, HTTP or through IM). Detect and block P2P sites, streaming media and online gaming sites and others. I fact, WFilter currently blocks 68 different software or protocols associated with these types of activities. Filter websites, block IM software, and file transfers. You can monitor which computers are online, disconnect active sessions, and even monitor in ‘real-time’: keywords, application launches, and bandwidth usage, all from a simple to understand management GUI. WFilter provides several easy to read charts and canned reports that can be emailed daily, which provides you a visual overview of all internet traffic in your organization. All at an affordable price an SMB can monitor 25 users for under $300 dollars. Download the trial and try it today.

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