And yet more certification tests

And growing…and this is a good thing.  There are those who thrive on having a huge number of certifications and then there are those who only take tests if they are “encouraged” to do such and even then they will only enter the test booth kicking and screaming. 

There are a large number of MCTS and MCITP tests out now with even more on the horizon.  This means there are more opportunities to earn certifications (and get those cool certificates to put on your “I love me wall” – you know, the wall you hang everything you have earned or received over the years).  But what it does do is give some confidence to future employers and potential contractors, that you actually DO know something on this specific product as there is a test for this product!  I have talked about this before with the MCP tests (take a test – any test – and you are an MCP) and now you are an MCTS on a specific product or part of a product (think of the MCITP for Exchange 2007 – 3 tests for one product, but each test covers different aspects of that product – administering, planning etc).

So what is coming down the path?  Well, the first of the Windows 7 Beta tests is about to run  How about all the specialty products?  Ever here of Groove - well there is test covering Groove – as well as for Office Communications Server , and the OCS Voice Specialty Exam and has its own Microsoft Certified Master’s Program.  As some of these products have an R2 release, you might see more tests covering those products as well.  Having taken and passed a test for one of these products (whether it be on a main stream product such as Windows Server 2008 or on a rarer subject such as Groove) demonstrates that you have the specific skill set to work with that product.  So that you can not only “talk-the-talk, but you can walk-the-walk” as well.

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