Is "Eos" the next Palm webOS phone? New details emerge online

A flurry of new, much more specific, details are emerging on the Web about the rumored second webOS phone from Palm. seems to have made the scoop, with both a photo and technical specs purportedly of a slender, candybar-style GSM/HSDPA 3G phone destined for AT&T’s cellular network. It’s now being called both the Palm Eos, or Pixie. The speculation is that will be released in the latter half of this year. There’s been no comment so far by Palm. The sleek, multi-touch Palm Pre smartphone was unveiled in January and is supposed to ship by the end of June. One significant new detail, still missing for the Palm Pre, is the rumored price of the Eos: $349 before any rebate. TechCrunch speculates that the final target price for subscribers will be $99. The Pre is expected to be quite a bit more expensive than that, although both Palm and AT&T have been tightlipped on the pricetag. Based on the specs posted by Engadget, the main difference between Eos and Pre are: Dimensions: 2.1” wide, 4.3” high, 0.42” thick; (the Pre is 2.3” x 3.9” x 0.67”) Display: 2.63”, 320 x 400 pixels, touch screen (Pre: 3.1”, 320 x 480, touch screen) Keyboard: exposed, fixed “BlackBerry-like” QWERTY keyboard (Pre: vertically sliding QWERTY keyboard) Memory: 4Gbytes (Pre: 8Gbytes) Digital Camera: 2 megapixels (Pre: 3 megapixels) One apparent missing element: Wi-Fi. Pre has 802.11b/g built-in. If Eos does lack Wi-Fi, that would explain the smaller form factor and the expected lower price. Most of the other features are the same as those found on the Pre: POP3/IMAP and Exchange ActiveSync for email; integrated GPS, the same advanced audio and video formats, removable battery, stereo headset jack, integrated IM, SMS, and MMS.


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