Manage multiple terminal sessions with a single powerful tool

Have you ever needed to connect to RDP, ICA, SSH, VNC and telnet sessions. Usually this means using two or more clients. Then there is the matter of managing those systems you connect to using these sessions. When I was IT Director, I used Hyena to manage machines, which meant when I got a help desk call my staff would use a VNC connection to take over the remote machine. For Citrix users we had the ICA client and when there was an issue with connecting to the machine via ICA of course, we could connect using RDP. RDP was also useful for managing servers from the desktop. My switches and routers were often managed using TTERM and of course I used IE for the web-based management of our spam filter and antivirus systems. I came across a great tool that is actually an open source project on CodePlex. It is called simply Terminals. This one free, open sourced tool has the ability to manage all of these types of remote sessions and adds many great features as well. The latest version supports keeping a history of past connections. One of the first things that happened after I installed it on my computer was the auto discovery. Terminals found all the machines that I connected to (using RDP in this case) including the virtual machines I had connected to and automatically put them into my favorites. The second thing that impressed me was the numerous tools that are available for the sessions. These include informational tools (network and system info), a list of shares and services, the ability to run ping, tracert, DNS lookups and such and search for open ports and run packet traces (this requires install WinPcap). Each machine opens up in a tabbed window and you have the ability to capture screens, shutdown and reboot, save and review log files. One of the coolest features I have ever seen was the grab input feature (which is under the terminal menu). I was trying to figure what this was for and with this turned on I was able to copy a file from the terminal session and paste it to the local desktop. Terminals is a great tool for connecting and managing various terminal sessions. It is open sourced, has a small footprint (less than 2.5MB download), is loaded with features, and continues to be improved often (current version is 1.7e). If you manage various remote sessions and need a reliable, feature rich tool download Terminals and try it today.

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