4chan users trigger DDoS attack ... on 4chan

They've buried the needle on the irony meter over at prankster/hellraiser haven 4chan.org today as word arrives that a day's worth of misery for the site's /b/ board appears to self-inflicted by users.

Here's a just-posted cleanup plea from the 4chan status blog:

UPDATE: Apparently the DDoS attack is being caused by a trojan some 4chan users have downloaded. If you've downloaded ANY FILES linked on 4chan, please immediately go to this link and download the removal tool: http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2004-112210-3747-99 Otherwise, all users are encouraged to run a full system scan to ensure their system is clean. The sooner people do this, the sooner /b/ & /r9k/ will return.

Businesspundit.com has a source offering a bit more detail:

Spammers posted pics with a link saying "See nude girls here?" - The link led to a zip file that was an autoexecutable virus. Allegedly the autoexecutable was a virus based on Virtumonde. The altered virus was able to create a MASSIVE botnet capable of DDosing the board. So in essence, the people who brought down /b/ turned out to be /b/ itself. To many people got infected with the virus that is DDosing that board.

The 4chan gang was in the news most recently for commandeering TIME's online survey to determine the world's most influential people, tops among whom turned out to be the site's increasingly famous founder, moot, known to his family as Christopher Poole.

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