Greenshot: An Open source alternative to Snagit!

Keeping with the theme I started last week, I thought I would look at another Open Source alternative to a popular commercial software package. Being a writer I cannot think of any tool more important to me than a screenshot tool. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a screenshot certainly saves me pages of explanation or in some cases re-explanation. So to me a tool like Snagit is essential to my work, I recently came across an Open Source alternative to Snagit, a software project called Greenshot. The screen captures are really good, I particularly like that the 'capture region' tool highlighted the capture region and displayed the dimensions (in large numbers) for me as I was trying to capture an image. This made it easy to know that I was within my allotted space. Many times images need to be a specific size and often I need to capture the image or portions of and then use an editor to get the right screenshot. With Greenshot that was not necessary. Greenshot comes with an image editor and can save images in several different formats. Images can be sent to the clipboard or to a printer. The editor was great for adding objects and textboxes. I even liked how easy it was to add and delete elements. However, the editor does lack a crop and resize feature. On the other hand, this project is still in beta. The large displays for region captures really rendered the need for cropping and resize a mute point. Then again many organizations use one tool for screen capture and then another for image editing. But it is nice to have all the bells and whistles that are available. So I extend an invitation to the developers to add those two last features and this tool can very possible overtake its commercial competitors. Greenshot is a great Open Source alternative that can help get the job dome and a fantastic This is a project worth trying and keeping a very close eye on in the future. I will be doing so and I look forward to the latest versions.

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