What's up with Google? Not Google News

Google revamped Google News, giving each highlighted news story its own picture element and brightening up the site in general--just in time to have the site crash repeatedly this morning.

Early morning users attempting to reach Google News instead were greeted repeatedly with this error message:

Google News Error

Quick checks of Google Search, Images, Maps, Video, Mail and Reader show all those services were A-OK and up and running. But News remained unavailable, off and on, for quite some time.

According to Webuser, Google was aware of the problem and issued a statement, saying:

Today, some users began experiencing difficulty accessing Google News. We are aware of this issue and are working to fix it. We know how important Google News is to our users, so we take issues like this very seriously, and we apologise to those users who are affected.

The outage was shortlived, however, and as of 9:45 a.m. ET this morning, Google News seemed to be functioning properly again. But the timing of the outage couldn't have been worse, falling fast on the heels of Google's most recent service outage, which some estimate brought down 5% of the entire Internet.

All these Google outages not only underscore just how vulnerable users depending on cloud services are to network and service provider disruptions, but they also serve to show regulators just how much of the Internet is dependent on Google to function. And what's up with all the outages happening all at once? Maybe there is something to the idea that Google's move to IPV6 isn't all that smooth after all. Would be nice to attribute the glitches to something understandable like that, rather than serial incompetence.

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