Add 'Filter as you type' functionality to SharePoint lists

As I mentioned when I put together the 12 free SharePoint tools posting. There are a ton of great add ons for SharePoint. And as I promised I am going to bring you a new one from time to time. One I came across on Codeplex that I thought was particularlly interesting is a project called SharePoint InstantListFilter. This project is based on Javascript using jquery. The javascript adds filter text boxes to every column of a SharePoint list view (SPGridView). This script allows you to get realtime filtering of data in these SharePoint lists. I tried the online SharePoint InstantListFilter Demoand I was very impressed. Now this is a client side solution so the amount of data to be filtered and power of the machine ( and what you have open at the time) will affect how fast the data filters. But overall this was a really cool tool and the filtering on my Dell Inspiron 1525 was fast. Download the script here and try it out today. And llok for some more free SharePoint add-ons here at A Better Windows World.

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