The number of new Cisco CCIEs slip

Dual CCIE #18532 Security/Routing and Switching - George Morton, gives his take on the new May 2009 Worldwide Cisco CCIE Count: "The number of new CCIE’s has started to slip again. The average number of new CCIE’s from Jan/Feb was ten a day. The Feb/May average number of new CCIE’s dropped to eight a day. Now last February we mentioned that a rise in CCIE equaled a rise in the stock market was coming. So the inverse would be that the market will now correct because of the decline in new CCIE’s. A stretch but... "Over the last year I have commented about that idea that the world is not flat, (Thomas Friedman) but the 'world is lumpy.' The idea behind the Lumpy World is that the big global opportunities are where the CCIE counts are the highest, (lumps). Over the years visualizing the lumps has been difficult. "While at Google in March at the Google IPv6 conference I was introduced to the Chris Harrison’s work, everything became clear. Harrison’s work shows where the lumps are and they match the CCIE country counts. Harrison’s idea is simple; map the 89,344 router peer-to-peer connections. The interesting thing is that the router connections match the CCIE global count country by country. I found the maps fun, (find Singapore) as well as very illumining as to the real business opportunities globally. Chris Harrison's Internet Map - World Connection Density "For the Country Ranking by New CCIE’s all countries with double digit change were included. The big change was that the USA came in first place for the time in many of these reports. For most of last year, the USA was behind China and even India on a number of reports. What you will find interesting is the Internet Global connections map with the countries ranking. Most line up with the dark, (lumps). Country Ranking by New CCIE’s

"With the CCIE numbers and Harrison’s Internet Maps you now have the visual version of the Lumpy World. Any company looking at their global strategy should understand the Harrison Internet Maps, and where the CCIE’s are to support their global opportunities. Follow the lumps. Region Ranking by new CCIE’s "Look at Australia below, any question where the CCIE’s live down under? I always wondered about Japan and Korea, not any more. China shows the growth is along the coast and Hong Kong is the Internet epicenter. For France everything leads to Paris. For India the lumps are in the five major cities. For North and South America you can understand the numbers by looking for the dark. Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego on the west coast, Boston, New York, Washington D.C. for the east coast. The links to Europe and Asia from the USA are very interesting." Chris Harrison's Internet Map - World City-to-City Connections February 2009 vs. May 2009 Worldwide CCIE Count Comparison:

What's your take on the new May 2009 Worldwide Cisco CCIE Count? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished - Services that protect, maintain and optimize Cisco hardware Contact: Brad Reese | Twitter:

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