Panda makes it easy (and free) to protect yourself in the 'Cloud'

As we move towards the newest phase of technology and see the growth of cloud computing, some may be concerned about how to protect their computer when they have no control over the hosted services you receive. Well Panda security the makers of security solutions for home and enterprise users has released the first FREE cloud computing antivirus client software. Panda Cloud Antivirus, is a cloud based thin client that is lightweight and more efficient than traditional antivirus software. Panda Cloud Antivirus uses local detection technologies with real-time cloud-scanning to maximize the effectiveness of the antivirus while cutting PC performance impact by around 50%. Panda Cloud Antivirus utilizes Panda’s ‘Collective Intelligence’ cloud computing model to identify and classify malware in under six minutes, making this method almost a real-time solution. One of the worst pains for an IT professional is the drain on system resources by security software. It is also one of those pains we cannot fix, since we need to protect our systems. Panda software has just made that pain a lot lighter and much more ‘bear’able (OK, OK… I know but I couldn’t resist). The interface is real neat and the client was easy to install. Check out the beta and give Panda Cloud Antivirus a try, If you’re like me you will be on the edge of your seat for the full release.

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