Google adds scripting to Apps

Wondering what the big Apps news was at Google I/O yesterday? Google announced it is testing a new scripting feature for Apps that will let enterprises not only automate certain tasks but also better customize the cloud computing suite to accommodate their specific needs.

In the Official Google Enterprise Blog announcing the feature, called Google Apps Script, Google Docs Product Manager Jonathan Rochelle explains that Google's starting with adding scripting to Google's Docs' spreadsheets and will move on from there. Right now, the new feature lets enterprises build custom spreadsheet functions, like translating figures from inches to millimeters, or linking spreadsheets with e-mail and calendaring functions. As Rochelle says:

Google Apps Script provides the ability to automate a variety spreadsheet actions, such as reading and changing values in cells and ranges, changing formats and formulas, and creating custom functions. It also reaches outside of spreadsheets to allow you to send email or create calendar entries.

And here's a video overview showing how the new scripting works:

Google is inviting a limited set of customers, about 1,000 all told, to test the scripting feature and provide feedback. Enterprises interested in checking it out can apply to be a tester here.

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