Windows 7 Speeds Browser Performance

It's a bit of a surprise but is reporting  their testing shows Windows 7 RC speeds up browser performance. IE specifically picks up the pace by about 12%. Why is happening? I don't think we know those details. I wonder if Microsoft might have revamped the TCP stack, and if so we should see a speed up in other network applications.

This has got to be a first in a long time... a new Windows OS that actually uses our hardware more efficiently rather than gobbling up whatever gains we've received through Moore's law and the continual drop in hardware prices. It's felt for a long time the price performance improvements weren't for us, they were for Microsoft to consume before we ever got to see any real advantages. Lets hope the shipping Windows 7 release maintains these gains, and they aren't then consumed by the additional crapware OEMs and third parties will want to ship with every new PC.

 On another note... I have to say that while I did have to update the Mac OS X software on the new Mac I'm using for iPhone development, I didn't spend one second deleting third party crapware that I never wanted or would never use. That was a pleasant experience (though honestly, I don't find the Mac OS significantly easier to use than Windows, but that's for another blog post.). 

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