Google Squared goes live, table-based search results

Google Squared has gone live on the Google Labs. Announced last month, This new search tool shows results in row-and-column format, instead of a series of page links that we have all become accustomed to. Users can add or delete rows as they desire.

The landing page of Google Squared looks like this, with a variety of sample searches listed. (Click to enlarge graphic.)

But Google Subnet choose to strike out on our own. We searched on the term Apple. We were presented with a grid of what Google thought was the most relevant information. But we were also given the option to add our own column, along with some suggestions of criteria we might want to add. We choose "season" and discovered why Google didn't include it in the original table -- many of the fields returned a "no value found" result. (Click to enlarge graphic.)

The app did offer an option to save it, but didn't offer an option to download the information into a spreadsheet, or to e-mail it, or to otherwisework with it. We tried copying and pasting into a new Google spreadsheet document ... but it didn't work. We had better luck copying and pasting into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The downside was that formatting wasn't perfect and the live links were not preserved.

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