No Clone 2007: Safely remove duplicate files (or emails)

Handling file and mail server maintenance is one of the tasks that tend to creating varying opinions amongst IT Pros. Some feel that the large amount of disk space and endless redundancy available these days’ means that file duplication is a task left to the user’s discretion. Others, perhaps due to the nature of the business have a very strict policy on file and email duplication. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, where good intent meets lack of staffing and resources. When you need to weigh whether you are going to spend your time ensuring all your systems are patched and secure, or monitor the network for duplicates, safe and secure wins out. But what if there was a simple and fast (not to mention economical) way to handle the task. One product I found that seems to fit the bill rather well is a product called No Clone 2007. No Clone searches for file and email duplicates (by attaching to Outlook) and then provides a report grid for you to compare the files and decide which one should be removed. What is unique about this product is files are checked on a byte-by-byte basis. This ensures that the files are an exact match and not just similar. No Clone comes in three versions free (limited to 100,000 files in a single session, 3 network drives and no advanced features), home (limited to 300,000 files in a single session, 3 network drives, includes advanced features), and Enterprise (unlimited files in a single session, unlimited network drives, includes advanced features). So from no budget to having some money to spend you can find a solution that will work for your organization. No Clone allows you to search mark and remove files using various methods. SMART MARKER can recognize duplicates based upon configurable variables. SAVE SPACE allows you to delete, copy, move, replace duplicates with NTFS links (or shortcuts), and remove empty folders. No Clone is a great tool for dealing with one of those IT tasks that we never seem to have enough time for in our day-to-day tasks. Download No Clone 2007 and give it a try.

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