Google advisor found dead; Grady Burnett leaves for Facebook

Silicon Valley is in shock over the drowning death of Rajeev Motwani, a Stanford professor who mentored the co-founders of Google and was an icon for a generation of computer scientists. Atherton police said they are investigating the death, which occured on Sunday but appears to be an accident.

According to the San Jose Mercury News:

Born in Jammu, India, in 1962, Motwani studied computer science in this native country and at UC-Berkeley. He made his mark at Stanford by developing methods of searching through the vast, seemingly chaotic amount of data on the Internet. His contributions to the field of "data mining" influenced Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Stanford alumni who founded the search engine Google.

In unrelated news, Google is saying good-bye to another of its own, Grady Burnett, as Burnett leaves to take a a job at social networking site Facebook, reports TechWhack. (Facebook is in bed with Microsoft, after Microsoft bought a $240 million stake in Facebook in 2007.)

Burnett was Google's high profile head of the AdWords division.

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