Developer says it's Google Wave versus Microsoft Silverlight

While lots of fanfare has been given to Microsoft's latest search engine Bing, which is really just Windows Live Search Improved, the true test of how Microsoft technologies will fare against Google is a Silverlight versus Wave battle, say the development folks at Zoho.

Google Wave integrates real-time collaboration features with G-mail and other Google apps. For instance, it shows what your contacts are typing in real time. It also organizes conversations and otherwise turns your Google landing page into collaborative heaven. But right now, it's just a product plan, a vaporware announcement and a popular YouTube demo video. A rough developer version is also being circulated (see this ReadWriteWeb blog for a review.)

The developers of Zoho, makers of online software that competes with both Microsoft Office and Google Docs, have an interesting take, according to a recent blog post. While developers already seem to be going ga-ga over Wave, he notes that Silverlight is often dissed ... despite the fact that Silverlight is a pretty good piece of technology for creating rich multimedia Web applications.

"Both Silverlight and Wave are aimed at taking the internet experience to the next level. To be perfectly honest, Silverlight is a great piece of technology. Google Wave, as yet, is not much more than a concept and an announcement. It is easy to dismiss all this with 'Oh, the press just loves to hype everything Google, and loves to hate Microsoft,' but that cannot explain why even competitors like us are willing to embrace Google's innovations, but stay away from perfectly good innovations from Microsoft, such as Silverlight."

The blog's conclusion is that its Karma. No one trusts Microsoft while folks are still in the believer stage with Google. Problem is, some commenters have written, is that the shine is quickly diminishing from Google as well. It is losing top talent and heading down the same control-freak path that Microsoft is on (like CA, IBM, DEC and many others before it).

Do you agree that Google has better karma than Microsoft and that it will stay that way in the long run?

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