Web 2.0 crowned English's 1 millionth word

Boo! I've always hated the term Web 2.0 and wished it would go away. That's not happening, obviously, now that the august Global Language Monitor has decreed this very morning that it is now and forever the 1 millionth English word. Cloud computing was a runner-up.

From the organization's Web site: "The Global Language Monitor today announced that Web 2.0 has bested Jai Ho, N00b and Slumdog as the 1,000,000th English word or phrase. added to the codex of fourteen hundred-year-old language. Web 2.0 is a technical term meaning the next generation of World Wide Web products and services. It has crossed from technical jargon into far wider circulation in the last six months."

It has also jumped the shark, given that those on the cutting edge of Internet innovation are busy arguing about the wisdom of dubbing next-generation technology Web 3.0, witness this high-profile dustup between the Wall Street Journal's Kara Swisher and blogging institution Robert Scoble.

According to Wikipedia, Web 2.0 can be blamed on:

The term "Web 2.0" was coined by Darcy DiNucci in 1999. In her article "Fragmented Future," she writes[2]

"The Web we know now, which loads into a browser window in essentially static screenfuls, is only an embryo of the Web to come. The first glimmerings of Web 2.0 are beginning to appear, and we are just starting to see how that embryo might develop. ... The Web will be understood not as screenfuls of text and graphics but as a transport mechanism, the ether through which interactivity happens. It will [...] appear on your computer screen, [...] on your TV set [...] your car dashboard [...] your cell phone [...] hand-held game machines [...] and maybe even your microwave."

Her arguments about Web 2.0 are nascent yet hint at the meaning that is associated with it today.

The term is now closely associated with Tim O'Reilly because of the O'Reilly Media Web 2.0 conference in 2004.[3][4]

Web 2.0 was by no means the only tech-related term to be in the running for the 1-millionth-word designation. Here are the techies among the runners-up:

999,998: N00b - From the Gamer Community, a neophyte in playing a particular game; used as a disparaging term.

999,996: Cloud Computing - The ‘cloud' has been technical jargon for the Internet for many years. It is now passing into more general usage.

999,991: Sexting - Sending email (or text messages) with sexual content.

999,989: Defriend - Social networking terminology for cutting the connection with a formal friend.

What, no tweet? Shocking.

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