Google demonstrates its new OpenSocial-enabled Calendar

At the Google I/O developer's conference, Google developer Dan Holevoet walked through myriad ways that Google is embedding "social" capabilities into its apps. The mantra for Google is, "The Web is better when its social." The point of the session was not just how Google is embedding social wares into its own apps, but that it wants developers to tap into its social API, OpenSocial, and add the same social features to their wares. To that end, at the conference, Google announced that its calendar function was now supporting OpenSocial, too.

So what kinds of apps are improved with an OpenSocial gadget? Collaboration is baked into Google Docs. Most of us know that the Google Reader includes a sharing function, so you can push stories from your RSS reader to your friends; A few lessor-known social choices: YouTube allows you to filter ratings to get just your friend's ratings. Google movie ratings allows you to get the ratings of just your friends, and a stock ticker can be adjusted to get the buy/sell rating of just one source that you trust.

More recently, from the Google contacts page, you can create a public profile that will be available to all the folks who want to add you to their list of Google contacts/friends. This will also show up in a Google search, should someone search on your name.

Beyond that, Google wants you to get creative in integrating social gadgets to your Web sites using its tools (be it calendars or maps). For instance, Holevoet walked attendees through a gadget he built that adds group fitness training options to Google Calendar using the OpenSocial API.

Below is the YouTube of the entire 50+ minute presentation, and here's a PDF that includes the code for the Calendar gadget.

What would you like to see as a social gadget, and is OpenSocial the right tool to use?

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