VMware's Drummonds apologizes to Microsoft for Hyper-V video

Let's post this in the stupid-idea-leads-to-embarrassment file. In a guest post in the VMTN blog, VMware's Scott Drummonds publicly apologized for anonymously posting a YouTube video that mislead viewers on the reliability of Hyper-V. He has fessed up that he was the one that posted the video, removed it from YouTube (though no doubt, if you search hard enough, you can find it on a mirror site), and offered these words of retraction.

"About a month and a half ago, I anonymously posted a YouTube video depicting a controversial test of Microsoft’s Hyper-V.  The video was a bit hyperbolic in its dramatization of Hyper-V’s reliability. Unfortunately, my intention to stir the pot with eye-poking banter has put my credibility and by association VMware’s credibility in question among some of you.  For this I apologize. I’ve also sent a note of apology to Jeff Woosley at Microsoft."

Microsoft Subnet is not going to go down the road of preaching about Drummonds' actions. Every human being has done stupid things in his or her life. Plus, enterprises love VMware, and they aren't going to yank it out because of something said or done on YouTube.

On the other hand, it does point out just how hard some folks at VMware are working to stem off the threat of Hyper-V and rightly so. Most folks that have tested Hyper-V say it works great, though not as great as the more mature hypervisor, and its roster of mature management tools. But as Windows Server 2008 and its offspring eventually takes over the datacenter in the coming years -- the price of Hyper-V is right. We'll have to see how much love users maintain for VMware at that time, when looking at the cost of licensing it.

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