Comment from Network World reader removes Cisco SVP Judy Lin's face from Cisco's Mount Rushmore of senior executive biographies

Cisco SVP vanishes from Cisco's executive biographies web page only hours after a 2 sentence comment was made on Network World

Update: 07/15/09: Judy Lin Joins Silver Spring Networks Executive Team as Chief Product Officer ------------------------------------------------------------------ Earlier this week, Greentech Media Editor Michael Kanellos created the rumor that smart grid technology vendor Silver Spring Networks was getting ready to hire a "somewhat high-level executive from Cisco Systems."

So I wondered this morning whether that executive was Steve Nye - the Vice President and General Manager of Cisco's Service Provider Network Management Business Unit whom a Cisco source had said was leaving his position.

Well, the first comment to that blog story stated:

"Another Exec Judy Lin is leaving Cisco. She only joined a year ago and is leaving for Silver Spring Networks. Cisco is a like a BANK with 500 VPs, and 9 to 5pm work hours"

So I immediately went to Cisco's Executive Biographies web page and read the biography of Judy Lin (PDF version). Around 2:00PM Eastern Standard Time I started phoning and emailing Cisco PR executives for a response to our Network World reader's comment and received no reply. At 3:12PM emailed Greentech Media Editor Michael Kanellos with a link to our reader's comment and Kanellos' source then confirmed Judy Lin's name. Read Kanellos' blog story: Update: Silver Spring Nabs Cisco’s Ethernet Queen Lazy guy that I am, didn't close the web browser window that I had opened for Cisco's executive biographies web page. So imagine my surprise to read that Kanellos was reporting Judy Lin's photo, name and biography had already been removed from Cisco's Mount Rushmore (borrowed from Kanellos' ancient Egypt monument theme). And sure enough, Lin is missing from Cisco's executive biographies page. I find it interesting that our Network World reader's comment was at 1:00PM, I contacted Cisco at 2:00PM for confirmation (no response) and by 4:07PM Kanellos' confirmed and reported Lin's name missing from Cisco's executive biographies. Below is the screenshot of Judy Lin's photo, name and biography link as it appeared before 2:00PM on Cisco's executive bio page, and amazingly in my opinion, less than 3 hours later Lin was totally wiped off Cisco's Mount Rushmore:

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Why do you think Cisco was so quick to remove a Senior Vice President from its executive biographies (Mount Rushmore) web page, only hours after a comment from a Network World reader? BradReese.Com Cisco Refurbished - Services that protect, maintain and optimize Cisco hardware Contact: Brad Reese | Twitter:

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