Find a friendly Google developer user group near you

Here is a list of 15 regional Google technology user groups in the U.S.

Here's a nifty list of Google technology user groups courtesy of the Google Code Blog. With these groups, you can gather with like minded Googlites and gab over the fancy new widgets you are developing. Or maybe you can find someone to enter the Chrome Logo contest with you. (Google today announced a call for videos that feature people using whacky materials to replicate the Google Chrome icon. Google will showcase the best submissions.)

Question for you ... does Groups + Google = Groogle? .

Silicon Valley GTUG - (Madison)- http://madgtug.org GTUG -

Tri-Valley California GTUG -

Berkeley GTUG -

San Diego GTUG -


New Jersey GTUG -

Philly/Delaware GTUG -

Boston GTUG -

Denver GTUG -

Twin Cities GTUG -

Austin GTUG -

Michigan GTUG -

Cleveland GTUG -

For a list of Google technology user groups outside the U.S., visit

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