Not a Lot of Excitement for Networkers This Year?

Less Advertising This Year Makes Me Think Networks is Low-Keyed in 2009

I've sort of noticed this year there's been a lack of advertising and excitement for Networkers (aka Cisco Live) in San Francisco starting in 2 weeks. No, I'm not attending. But that is because training budgets are tight this year. If they weren't I would definitely go since I enjoy the week of learning, socializing, information from vendors, and blogging topics.

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Normally, I start getting e-mails in February and March about signing up. Being a CCIE NetVet I'm usually offered the chance to sign up early, like last year: But I haven't received a single e-mail this year about Networkers. Something tells me Cisco hasn't lost my e-mail address either since I still get plenty of e-mail from Cisco on all three of my e-mail accounts. There were also no e-mails about a CCIE Party which Cisco brought back last year after a year off. On, off, on-again, off again? Something strange there. In light of the economy, I was mildly surprised Cisco didn't cancel Networkers this year. But, being the 20th anniversary and being in June (instead of January during the depths of the recession and financial shock) it makes sense to keep it going. But, seems more low keyed this year. What have you seen and heard? Just as hyped as previous years? Or what I'm seeing?

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