Google re-crafts iGoogle for the iPhone and Android

iGoogle is faster, easier to navigate on the iPhone and Android devices

With Google, the "i's" apparently have it. Google has beefed up its iGoogle interface for the iPhone and for Android devices, too. iGoogle is the search giant's customizable home page. The version available for the iPhone now offers several new features and, Google claims it is faster, too, mostly thanks to improved navigation.

The new iGoogle page offers a tabbed view and supports more gadgets, though if those gadgets require Flash, you are still out of luck, as the mobile browser doesn't support it.

According to Dan Zivkovic and Zhen Wang, software engineers for the Google mobile team, as posted on the Google Blog:

"One of our favorite new features is the in-line display of articles for feed-based gadgets. That means you can read article summaries without leaving the page. You can also rearrange gadget order or keep your favorite gadgets open for your next visit. None of these changes will mess up the layout of gadgets on your desktop computer, so feel free to play around and tune your mobile experience."

Check out the demo:


To be fair, Google also offers iGoogle for the Windows Mobile platform. It was released about a year ago. No word if Google plans to offer a new-and-improved iGoogle for the Microsoft-loving crowd. Why do we think that it might not (Bing?). Compare the above video with the promo video below.



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