Last Week's Patches Tank Internet Explorer

Microsoft MVP Quickly Finds The Culprit

The dilemma: quickly update your Windows boxes and cross your fingers there’ll be no problems, or stay unpatched and get p00wned by some bot? The chances the most recent massive Windows updates would go flawlessly for everyone who patched their systems was probably small because of so many fixes. One of the unintended consequences from the patches, specifically kb969897, were IE users who suddenly could not print, use Find or use the browser's help function.

Robear Dyer, Microsoft MVP-IE, assisted participants on an Google support forum diagnose and resolve the issue. Uninstalling patch kb969897 resolves the problem but leaves Windows systems wide open to a vulnerability which has exploit code out in the wild. Fortunately, the culprit was determined quickly: Microsoft Software Inventory Analyzer (MSIA).

Uninstalling MSIA resolves the problem so you can apply the patch and use IE. Computer inventory updates with MSIA won't happen for a while, but that's much better than going unpatched.

Thanks to Robear Dyer for quickly helping solve this problem.

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