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Ixia comments on my negative RSA blog

I like it when folks are proud of what they do. Not just a silly pride like; "My football team is better yours" (or course mine IS better: The Indianapolis Colts baby!!!) But the kinda pride that folks can back up with fact and take on all challengers. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about my experiences at RSA. http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/41153 I commented about how much I liked the Breaking Point solution and how it is a breath of fresh air in a stagnate market of Ethernet testing. I have used the Ixia products to test switches for a number of years. As long as I was benchmark testing with RFC 2544 parameters http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2544.html I am doing fine with Ixia. BUT if I need to test REAL traffic at layer 4 and above I am out of luck without a ton of tcl/perl scripts to generate replayed synthetic traffic. Truthfully that sucks worse then a front row seat at a Pauly Shore Film Festival. Ixia read this blog and my twitter tweeted and my email dinged. They wanted to show me their new stuff and get geeky with what is going on at Ixia. I agreed as long as the the demo was not conducted by a group of marketing goobers. I meet online with a group of Ixia engineers and told them of my Ixia experiences. We shared a few stories and then we dug into their products; namely: The Acceleron. The Acceleron is an impressive piece of hardware on the datasheet, but I wanted to see it in action. We fired up a WebEx seession and their engineer started the testing with IxNetwork and IxLoad. Real quick I noticed the ramp time to 20 million transactions per seconds was faster then me driving to Popeye's Chicken on Half Price Tuesdays. I was also impressed at how easy it was to set up a testing policy. Very cool BUT the big story now is data center and all of this green crap that "C" level folks want to see. You know before they drive home in their Hummers. Sure enough, we loaded up IxGreen and IxExplorer, the data just poured in in a easy to read format. Yeah, OK that is good but.... But the real test I had hidden to sock them with at the end. I told them big deal, high end ASICs and larger caches/buffers can account for some of this. How about some real traffic not this synthetic crap at 10GB. That will trick 10 out 10 network press analyst. Of course they are fooled with any histogram coded in Java or ActiveX, so... Show me the real stuff! We were on the phone, but their pause told me that they were thinking, "What is this guy an idiot or something?" that is what we have been using they replied. Yeah right! That is what they all say and I am up until 3AM writing scripts for a day of testing. Been there done that, got the tshirt and it still fits! Run that traffic against a real server and let see if it responds. Sure enough it did, this really is real honest to goodness traffic. I felt liked I got punked, and started looking behind server racks for Ashton (but hoping for Demi!)...nope just a few empty Newcastle bottles... I am impressed. Actually, I am VERY impressed at the changes and upgrades Ixia has done to their testing product line. I am a hardware kinda Dude so testing gear and admiring the engineering design of others folks to avoid EMI issues with solid PCB design is important to me. Ixia really went above board here. Very solid product that will be reliable for years. They certainly win my: "Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk Award" Here is the bottom line; networking has really changed. If we are testing for fair charter or RFP meets/exceeds/fails, the last thing we care about in how fast the forwarding rate is. That was great in a L2 world. Traffic is too dynamic and operating at higher layers...as are network attacks. Ixia certainly has a great product suite that will serve us well into the future for really any testing requirement out there. Check out their website and Ixia TV at http://www.ixiacom.com/ Jimmy Ray Purser Trivia File Transfer Protocol Unlike normal bees, the Queen bee’s stinger is not barbed and can be used repeatedly without harming her...whatta skank!

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