Bacula: Backup files from any platform

An Open Source, Cross Platform backup soltution

In the world of cross-platform environments the challenge of backing up Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows data to a single solution can be costly or downright impossible. Thanks to an open source project called Bacula. Bacula is actually a "set" of software programs that combine to form an enterprise ready solution for backup, recovery, verification and cataloging of network data. Bacula supports backup to hard disk or tape media and even supports some tape autochangers (see the list of supported autochangers on their site). The management tool is easy to understand and very intuiative ( it even supports a web based interface). Bacula also has plug-in support for backing up Exchange Server 2003/2007 and supports many advanced features found in commercial products like bare metal restore. Download Bacula today and let it do as their website says "It comes by night and sucks the vital essence from your computers."

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