T-Mobile launches second Android phone for $199

T-Mobile myTouch by HTC will lose the physical keyboard

T-Mobile announced today that its next Android phone, dubbed the myTouch, will be available in August for $199 with a two-year contract. It will differentiate itself from its sister Android phone, the G1, also made by HTC, in that it will have a virtual keyboard, not a physical one. When T-Mobile released its original Android phone, the G1, it included a physical keyboard for texting fiends who find a touchscreen keyboard difficult to work on. But the myTouch will be geared towards people wanting a phone first and a messaging device second, executives said.

T-Mobile will continue to sell the G1.

The myTouch has a 3.2" QVGA display, and the virtual keyboard can display in portrait or landscape mode. It has a 3.2-megapixel camera. Like the G1, the phone will requires users to sign on with to Google and agree to the search giant's terms of service when they first turn on the phone, in a process similar to the one required by the original G1 phone.

The myTouch will feature Android 1.5 software, which has already been pushed out to existing G1 users. T-Moble will try to differentiate this phone from other touchscreen phones by showing people all the ways that they can customize their phone on the Android 1.5 platform and it will include exclusive use of an application called Sherpa by Geodelic that showcases information about nearby banks, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels and other similar locations. The application is said to have a self-learning function, in that it can set a user's preferences based on the items a user chooses to view. According to Geodelic: "Without needing to search, the App discovers locations in your vicinity, and aggregates all the information related to where you are and what you're looking for."

Starting on July 8, existing T-Mobile customers can order the phone for delivery on July 29. Some time in early August, sales will open to anyone.

T-Mobile mytouch
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