Users Tap Social Media To Get Microsoft To Fix Outlook 2010 - Join In

It may not be the Iranian Twitter Revolution, but it sure would make life better

Cool Thing
All who heavily rely on Microsoft Outlook but feel you could strangle the stupid program every time it locks up or crashes, raise your hand and say "I". Great. The "I's" have it. You've now been duly sworn to click on this link,, to demand Microsoft fix Outlook. This site happens to be about fixing how Outlook renders, or doesn't render, html in emails accurately. Who knows, maybe if Microsoft fixes the hmtl rendering problem, the program will crash less. We can always hope anyway.

What a great idea. I think we're onto something here. Use social media to rally users together to tell vendors to fix their software. While most won't like the negative press and will probably at least do something about it, Microsoft probably has a thick skin due to all the Vista lumps that have been administered.

It seems everyday I learn of some new way social media is playing a role in influencing how we work, communicate, bring people together, and get things done. Fascinating. I do think we'll see a lot more of this kind of thing in the future.

Viva la Revolution!

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