New worldwide Cisco CCIE count surpasses historic 20K milestone

Additionally, the brand new Cisco CCIE Wireless track added 6 new CCIEs to the worldwide count

From personal experience I've learned that individuals not polite and respectful enough to remove their hat while indoors, also never get the job done. Thankfully and most fortunately for me, Dual CCIE #18532 Routing and Switching/Security - George Morton (who always politely and respectfully removes his hat while indoors), gets the job done and in record time too. For example, Cisco released its new worldwide CCIE count late Friday and by this afternoon, George delivered to my email box his complete analysis of the new CCIE count: "We've passed the 20,000 threshold in the total number of CCIEs. "My last report was in May, covering a 3 month time frame, February to May. However this time, we are only 39 days out and Cisco has produced a new CCIE count. "Why? "My guess is that Cisco published so soon because it passed the 20,000 mark in total worldwide CCIEs, big news and a major milestone as well as accomplishment for Cisco. Noticeably, the growth in CCIE numbers is slowing. For example, in the last 39 days we've had an average of only 6.44 CCIEs minted per day. Years past the numbers were as high as 10 per day. In my last report, the number per day had slid to 8. So the trend is continuing lower during this recession: "My forecast for the stock market - not a good sign, (a lower stock market lies ahead). "I've taken note that the change in the CCIE Security track has had a major impact on new security CCIEs. Back in April the CCIE Security track changed, no more 2612’s running 12.2T, no more VPN-3000’s and no more PIX’s. I think we will start to see the number grow again later this year, but for now the IOS 12.4 track with ISR routers is slowing down the Security CCIE track. "Interesting numbers this month, only 66% of all applicants who passed were for the CCIE Router and Switch track. The Service Provider track was second at 32% with Voice coming up from behind with 25%. We're also now starting to see the CCIE Wireless track, which only had 6 passing applicants and we've experienced a new low for the CCIE Security track, with only 1 passing applicant. "Yes, Reese pointed out to me that the numbers in the chart below don’t jive. True, Cisco only counts your CCIE number once. So we had 251 new CCIEs, but 318 applicants passed a lab in the last 39 days, the difference is for a second, third, etc. lab:" Source: Dual CCIE #18532 George Morton "Multiple certificates numbers really don’t add up. In May we did not get the new numbers from Cisco for multiple certificates. So the multiple numbers reflect from February 23 to June 26, (123 days). R & S + Security is still the most popular dual CCIE track, but I'm betting that R & S + SP will over take R & S + Security this year as the most popular dual CCIE track. In this report, R & S + Service Provider was 49% of the successful attempts for dual CCIE or better:" Source: Dual CCIE #18532 George Morton "I have two friends that are studying for SP this summer. Joe is just nuts, (R&S + Security CCIE), Jason just passed R & S and figures he is almost ready for SP. So why not try? "This is why I see SP as the new king of dual-CCIEs. "Interesting CCIE news from around the world, however, the Pacific Rim CCIE numbers didn't change over the last 39 days. I think this is a typo, because last month Cisco missed the multiple CCIE numbers and this month it appears it has missed the Pacific Rim numbers. So the ranking looks like last month with the Pacific Rim adding the most number of CCIEs and EMEA in second place:" Source: Dual CCIE #18532 George Morton "The ranking of the double digit countries show China in first, USA second, Canada and India tied for third. New to the list was Egypt. As a percentage of change, Egypt was the most dramatic of all countries:" Source: Dual CCIE #18532 George Morton

"Change of gears: "Back in 2004 the CCIE Router & Switch track started to include IPv6. Last week for the first time, I turned up a BGP router with IPv6 and the numbers were interesting to say the least:"

Number of stated routes using a maximum of 25 AS number hops for IPv6: 1,843 Number of stated routes using a maximum of 25 AS number hops for IPv4: 284,165

"IPv6 is less than 1% of the total. Interestingly enough, when I checked ARIN for the Cisco IPv6 addresses, they have two blocks listed in the Whois database:"

- 2001:042::/32 - 2610:00D::/32

"So I checked to see if Cisco announced any of their IPv6 addresses in BGP and the answer was Yes. Is Cisco dual stacked and can I reach its website via IPv6? Sadly, the answer to both questions is No:"

"Sorry, but Cisco is not yet eating its own dog food."

May 2009 vs. June 2009 Worldwide CCIE Count Comparison:

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