Cisco announces its biggest, baddest networking certification ever

The new Cisco Certified Architect will become the highest level of accreditation available by Cisco

On Monday, Cisco announced a new certification, the Cisco Certified Architect, which will become the rank above CCIE. The new cert won't be easy or cheap. It will cost $15,000 and

the CCIE or

the Cisco Certified Design Expert (CCDE) is a prerequisite.

(Cisco PR contacted Cisco Subnet to clarify that the CCDE and not the CCIE is required.)

The candidate must also have at least 10 years of industry experience. The certification will be administered as a board exam and, like a PhD, the candidate will be asked to defend and modify the proposal, live, in front of this board which will be composed of distinguished engineers and other subject matter experts from within and outside of Cisco.

(June 30: But we wonder if Cisco thought through the name of this new certification. Cisco contacted us today and told us, "there's a lot of confusion happening because of the terminology. Technically and legally we unfortunately can't say CCA since Citrix already owns the rights to that name. The bottom line is that Cisco has to spell out the full certification as Cisco Certified Architect.") Given that all of Cisco's other certifications are better known by their acronyms, that's going to be one tough battle to win. We predict a name-change announcement for this fledgling cert will happen soon.

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