Ants munching?

So who do we blame for our latest FiOS outage?

There's nothing quite like awakening on a Sunday morning to the triple play of fail: no phone, no TV and no Internet service. Think the kids were happy? Think their Mom was happy? ... Think Dad was happy?

Of course, we've been through this before ... and before ... and before ... but that wasn't going to replace anyone's favorite shows or my Red Sox game.

The good news is that Verizon had a technician to our house before the coffee was turned off this morning (it's not a Verizon coffee maker, thankfully) and he quickly discovered that there had been a cable cut inside one of their boxes atop a pole across the street.

What caused the cut?

Ants, the tech told my wife. Ants ate clean through glass.


That's what the man said. In fact, he said it's not an uncommon occurrence. (By the way, we're talking common black ants here, nothing exotic.)

Who knew?

(Update: I've contacted a couple of fiber optic cable manufacturers to see what they have to say about ants eating through their glass. True? Or suburban legend? Will let you know if/when I hear back.)

(Update 2: No, I haven't heard anything from the fiber optic manufacturers, but I did stumble upon a story that may confirm the Verizon technician's explanation: "Ant mega-colony takes over world." ... Taking over the world would certainly seem to include the ability to deprive my family of telephone, television and Internet access. Be afraid, be very afraid.)


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